gun battle police chase

Police chase to bring criminals to justice

Kenneth Funderburk July 26, 2018

How justice was finally delivered: Reviewing the final gun battle

After Health learned about Ken’s disappearance, he and Chic decided to visit Victor’s house and order him to meet for a questioning session, failing which would mean he’s getting arrested. When the two men decided in favor of a police foot chase and came to Victor’s house—which had . . .

police urgent assistance

Police Assistance Is Crucial for Solving Crimes

Kenneth Funderburk July 19, 2018

A detective’s scrutiny, relentless pursuit, and sharp wit, ably complemented by police urgent assistance, help solve murders

Sheriff Heath Moore works at the Fort Walton Police Department. He’s friends with Charles “Chic” Sparks, who wears multiple hats—psychologist, former detective, prominent tenor soloist—and who also acts as a consultant fo . . .

real estate scheme

The Crime for the History Books (A Real Estate Scheme for Money Laundering)

Kenneth Funderburk July 12, 2018

A real estate lawyer’s money laundering scheme to legitimize drug money

Lawyer Albert Barnes ran a very slick real estate scheme, which was very difficult to detect, as long as everyone involved kept their mouths shut. For a real estate lawyer, it was a genius scheme—make people sign the paperwork for the deed and mortgage, together with other paperwor . . .

gang war comes alive

The Gang War Comes Alive (Getting Rid of the Nemesis with Pill Overdoses)

Kenneth Funderburk July 5, 2018

Death by sleeping pill overdose—Was that actually the end of the boss?

After boarding the Amadee with Bart Hayes and taking charge as captain, Ken motored it away from the docks and headed to Ciudad del Carmen, which was almost 36 hours away. The plan was to spend a day there and then take a 3-to-4-day trip to reach Isla Mujeres. After spending . . .

banking crimes

Fictional Banking Crimes with Ties to Gangsters

Kenneth Funderburk June 28, 2018

From top executives to culprits—banking crimes and frauds history revisited

In the fictional world created by Kenneth L. Funderburk, Boston Capital World Bank Company (BCWB) is a large Boston-based investment bank. Three of its upper-echelon officers are Gilman Loeb, Larry Moses, and David Richburg.

While Gilman is BCWB’s chief operating officer, Da . . .