Organized Crime Group

Kenneth Funderburk May 17, 2018

The mission by Chic to unearth a sophisticated crime group through organized crime group mapping

Chic and Ken are members of card-playing buddies and have earned themselves the name Fish House Gang. It is to be remembered that Charles “Chic” Sparks is passionate about unearthing the cause of unfolding mysterious deaths. It is clear to . . .

Chic the Clinical Psychologist

Kenneth Funderburk May 10, 2018

This book Fish House Gang is a thriller entailing a clinical psychologist by the name of Charles “Chic” Sparks. He is in a mission to unearth what he believes is a series of murders associated with some criminal enterprise yet to be named. Chic is a man who is involved in numerous activities. A former psychologist, reputable tenor soloist, and former detective, Chic embarks on a m . . .

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