The Secret Double Life of Myra Renfro

Kenneth Funderburk June 21, 2018

The double life of the family showcases startling elements to boost the intrigue

In the Renfro family, as depicted by Kenneth L. Funderburk in his novels, leading a double life is like wearing a second skin for some of its key characters. While the readers of The Fish House Gang come to terms with how a well-respected, suave, good-looking business . . .

Life and Times of Ken Renfro—the Notorious Gang Boss

Kenneth Funderburk June 14, 2018

An intriguing sketch of a fictional Chicago gang leader, sure to keep you glued to the pages

From their codified lifestyle and affinity for Chicago typewriters, dangerous crimes, and beautiful women, the widely romanticized lives of the most notorious gang leaders in fiction has always found many takers. In The Fish House Gang, Kenneth L. Funderbu . . .

The Art of Money Laundering

Kenneth Funderburk June 7, 2018

Revealing secrets on how money laundering works

Along with the murky twilight sky setting the horizon, a dark thought from Randall Moss filled the air. With a concrete plan, leaving no tracks and evidence, he is tasked to rob and kill a guy named Thomas Reeds. At 5'11" tall and 200 lbs., Randall is a qualified tough guy. He dreams of being a famous hitman and . . .

End of the Road for Randall Moss and his Robbery and Drug Dealing Crimes

Kenneth Funderburk May 31, 2018

The ninja robbers event, which actually is a rendition of an actual robbery that took place in Pensacola, Florida, is worth reviewing. This is how things pan out in the novel. Randall Moss happens to be a well-known character in Fort Walton. It would not come as a surprise to anyone that he is a criminal element. Robbery is his thing.

His reputation is that of a casual and noisy petty crimi . . .

Has self-improvement played a part in uncovering organized crime?

Kenneth Funderburk May 24, 2018

Suzy gets into a self-improvement program coached by Chic

Suzy, who eventually becomes Chic’s sidekick, begins as a rounder in sexual pursuits and is converted by Chic. She suffered several attempts on her life. At one time, she escaped a dangerous murder scene by a whisker. The incident gave her extensive media coverage. She became easily identifiable.
. . .