The Gang War Comes Alive (Getting Rid of the Nemesis with Pill Overdoses)

Kenneth Funderburk July 5, 2018

Death by sleeping pill overdose—Was that actually the end of the boss?

gang war comes alive

After boarding the Amadee with Bart Hayes and taking charge as captain, Ken motored it away from the docks and headed to Ciudad del Carmen, which was almost 36 hours away. The plan was to spend a day there and then take a 3-to-4-day trip to reach Isla Mujeres. After spending some days in the Cancun region, they would take the Amadee to Belize. However, little did Ken imagine that someone far away was busy planning his death—by sleeping pill overdose, of all things.

For Ken, Captain Hayes, Dough, and Bo-Bo were like Pirates of the Caribbean rejects.

With his dark complexion, hairy chest, a black mass of hair, and accompanied by a nasty attitude and a two-day-old beard—Hayes was busy plotting out their course. Weighing 150 pounds with a small, unkempt average frame of 5 feet 7 inches, Doug—the cook—was everyone’s nightly entertainment. At 6 feet and 240 pounds, the bald-headed Bo-Bo was what could be called the “deck ape” who wore a pleasant smile and had an amiable personality that hid his beasty nature.

These people and others in the crew knew and liked Ken because, as long as they did their jobs, they were not abused by him. But what made Ken more likeable was his extremely busy schedule that kept him away from using the boat frequently. For the crew, this meant having the boat all to themselves. Ken couldn’t have imagined, even in his wildest dreams, that these motley crew could be executing his death warrant as given by Number One. He may never have thought about prescription pill overdose statistics, but in the world of organized crime, his ultimate fall was from a pill overdose.

When Gilman Loeb makes an encrypted call to Captain Hayes and asks him to take out Ken, Hayes tells Loeb they plan to give Ken a supper laced with sedatives that would knock him out cold. Since the crew really liked Ken, they executed this order as humanely as possible—by injecting Ken with a lethal overdose of sedatives. Since everything was planned well, there was no time for Ken to notice symptoms of pill overdose or seek help.

After his final breaths, Ken’s body was dumped at sea—literally sleeping with the fishes.

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