Police Assistance Is Crucial for Solving Crimes

Kenneth Funderburk July 19, 2018

A detective’s scrutiny, relentless pursuit, and sharp wit, ably complemented by police urgent assistance, help solve murders

police urgent assistance

Sheriff Heath Moore works at the Fort Walton Police Department. He’s friends with Charles “Chic” Sparks, who wears multiple hats—psychologist, former detective, prominent tenor soloist—and who also acts as a consultant for the Florida Panhandle–based police departments.

Whenever Chic and Heath are in town, they meet over breakfast at Joe and Eddy’s, a routine they had established for quite some time.

But it’s not just work or Heath delivering on his friend’s police urgent assistance needs that strengthen their link. They are golf mates and members of the Fish House Gang—a group of poker buddies that brainstorm strategies in an effort to solve crimes.

From partying together, with their girlfriends in tow, to helping Chic in matters where he needs police authority to act, or when Chic needs police assistance and equipment—Health has always been there for his friend.

When local businessman Thomas Reed and his wife are murdered and the person thought to be in possession of the safe turns up dead, Chic tries to prove that these murders are much more than what they seem. He links these crimes to a drug syndicate and even suspects a money laundering scheme involved in the criminal activities.

With his friends at the Fish House Gang, who act as both his sounding boards and source of inspiration, Chic—with some police assistance—hopes to convince Heath that all the crimes happening recently are masterminded by one group.

When Chic and Heath meet one Monday morning over breakfast to discuss their thoughts on the recent murders, the same wavelength they share with each other becomes clear when Heath encourages Chic to talk about his inference about Randall being hired to kill Reed—the John Doe murder that looks like a gang murder on the surface but is much more.

Later, when Chic goes to give Ken a heads-up about the FBI’s interest in the recent murders and the RICO case (drugs, money laundering, and murders), Heath has Chic wear a wire. As Chic walks away from the yacht basin, he mutters about convicting Ken right away on drug distribution, money laundering, and murder charges.

Though set in a fictional world, seeing a police organization providing peer assistance really deserves a big round of applause. Seeing how both Chic and Heath work together—be it while chasing Fred or taking Victor out—we see a detective helping out his friend and vice versa.

So to those thinking about the police assistance line being unavailable for the common masses, you can now have some idea about how they do help private investigators too.

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