Police chase to bring criminals to justice

Kenneth Funderburk July 26, 2018

How justice was finally delivered: Reviewing the final gun battle

gun battle police chase

After Health learned about Ken’s disappearance, he and Chic decided to visit Victor’s house and order him to meet for a questioning session, failing which would mean he’s getting arrested. When the two men decided in favor of a police foot chase and came to Victor’s house—which had a small bayou at the back, giving easy access to the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf—they found no one at home.

In this final police chase, after asking Chic to look around the house and in the windows to find anything interesting, Heath headed toward the dock area with his unholstered .38.

As the men approached his front yard, Victor was moving closer to the bayou, and the motion sensors located on the outside of his home showed two dots in the front yard, parting in opposite directions, thus alerting him about intruders. Victor entered the small bayou noiselessly, and the high weeds hid him from anyone on the dock.

Victor noticed a man with a pistol and flashlight nosing around. Taking advantage of his position, he started a gun battle by firing two quick shots from his 9mm Glock, the first of which hit a post beside Heath’s head, while the second grazed his right shoulder, making him drop his pistol. Falling behind a small wall fast saved Heath from the next two shots.

While Victor was trying to position the boat alongside the dock so he could get out and finish off Heath, Chic came from behind and took a flying leap at him. With no police urgent assistance on the anvil, it was him versus Victor. The sudden happenings made Victor’s shot go wild while his neck was grabbed by Chic.

His body was in a strange hold of Chic when both men fell into the water. Despite Victor’s tough fight, Chic’s training and instincts took over and helped him break Victor’s neck, thus bringing an end to the beast. By the time Chic was ready to go home the next morning after recovering Victor’s body from the water, which concluded the last night’s police chase initiated by Heath, Ken was on a small helicopter, 40 miles to the east, which was taking him to a freighter sailing 60 miles off the coast of Destin, headed to Vera Cruz, Mexico.

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